August 11, 2006

Disco sublime

junior boys_m.jpg

Blistering Junior Boys gig last night at the Luminaire.... When I saw Ariel Pink there a few months ago, his sublimitiy succumbed to poor sound. Any worries that the Junior Boys would go the same way were put to rest by the surprising but gratifying vivid physicality of their live sound. It is disco sublime, like an arctic encounter between Chic and Mr Fingers. A few initial technical hitches were soon brushed aside as the Junior Boys quickly imposed Canada's wide open spaces on dingy, claustrophobic London. The sound was as ice-white as Jeremy Greenspan's suit, as expansive as Canada's endless highways. Live performance gave new angles on old songs. They closed with 'Under the Sun', which was never one of my favourite tracks on Last Exit, but live it has a driving, widescreen sweep that recalls Simple Minds' New Gold Dream at its most epic...

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