April 07, 2005


... a litany of the now actually dead Dead Father's crimes here (thanks to Simon who mentioned this in passing on Dissensus). I love that line from Graham Greene: 'John Paul to canonise Jesus Christ.' Heh heh...

.... and one observation prompted by seeing all those morons filing past the reactionary old man's corpse.... Show footage of something similar happening in North Korea or another communist regime and it is evidence that people have been 'brainwashed'; in the 'free' west, of course, exactly the same behaviour is evidence of an 'overwhleming tide of feeling'. In one of many Chris Morris moments, a Sky hack said that the idiots in the queue were extremely hot, 'though many would regard this small act of suffering as a fitting tribute to a Pope whose last years were so difficult'... Presumably the greater the suffering, the greater the tribute: in which case, the death and disease in Africa that the old bigot caused must be the greatest tribute of all.

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