April 07, 2005

Joker hysterical face

I suppose we shouldn't begrudge the middle classes the yards and yards of pointless newsprint and hours of tedious TV that will ensue over the next few weeks in the name of 'analysis' of their irrelevant Kapitalist Parliamentarian Spectacle...

After all, we get Big Brother every year, they have to wait four years for their version...

Speaking of Kapitalist Parliamentarianism, thanks to Czukay, my piece SF Capital is now up on the revamped Transmat site.

'For a chilling image of how SF Capital induces auto-zombification in the master class, you only have to look at the face of our glorious leader: that ashen carnival mask, its grim, cheerless Joker-grin flashing with ritual efficiency, its blank eyes illuminated by empty evangelism, darkened by perpetual irritation - the PM's being run by Videodrome… and no-one owns Death TV.'


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