October 04, 2004

Three line whip



Camberwell ----- Tuesday 5th October ------- 21:00

email if you want to attend: k_punk99@hotmail.com

“There are things – creatures if you like – from the very beginnings of Time, and the very end of Time. And these creatures have access to the corridor. They’re forever… moving along it. Searching… looking… trying to find a way in. They’re always searching, always looking.”

“For the hole in the fabric?”

“Yes. But they must never be allowed in, never ever!”
- Sapphire and Steel: Adventure 1

Both Sapphire and Steel and Burroughs’ Nova trilogy concern transcendental breaks, disruptions in the functions of the Human Operating System (especially its Time protocols). Both also concern a non-human police force despatched to earth to save the population from destruction (or assisted self-destruction).

However, whereas Burroughs’ Nova police are sent in to exacerbate transcendental ruptures, Sapphire and Steel’s role appears to be to repair Time anomalies.

The Concept Lab will begin by exploring this apparent tension between the two fictional systems.

It will also explore certain formal similarities between the TV series and Burroughs’ novels – for instance, the role of refrains, repetition and incantation.


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