October 04, 2004



'Death is orgasm is rebirth is death is their unsanitary Venusian gimmick is the whole birth death cycle of action - you got it?' - Ticket that Exploded, 53

Reading Burroughs' The Ticket that Exploded, you experience the same creepy tingle as when you encounter the raw intensity of Freud's Beyond the Pleasure Principle, or any of Lacan's commentaries on it. Impossibly (help, someone call the transcendental cops), you are confronting something that you should not (be able to) see... Somehow, against all the odds, elements from within Human OS have got outside the system to expose the real nature of its hideous construction...

In The Ticket that Exploded, all that is solid from within the Human OS Death-Pleasuredome dissolves back into the body melting shamanoneiric deliria of pure intensity (oneiric - but is not we who dream, it is we who are dreamt - but by WHOM? or WHAT? -- come and look, if you really want to know the answer...)

--- it seems almost trivializing to describe The Ticket that Exploded as something that you read. It's more a question of attunement to an ongoing intensive trauma, to the cosmic hell-industrilalization process.

The prose is incantatory ---- and it is a mistake to read it as if it is a novel. Hear it as if it is being read out aloud. Use the hyphens (---) as precise instructions on how to pause ---

But only plug yrself into the book-machine if you really want to know what you are --- few do ---

'The Venusian invasion was known as 'Operation Other Half,' that is, a parasitic invasion of the sexual area taking advantage of an already existing fucked up stituation. ('What a mess'...) - The human organism is literally consisting of two halves from the beginning word and all human sex is this unsanitary arrangement whereby two entities attempt to occupy the same three-dimensional co-ordinate points giving rise to the sordid latrine brawls which have characterized a planet based on 'the Word', that is, on separate flesh engaged in endless sexual conflict - The Venusian Boy-Girls under Jonny Yen took over the Other Half, imposing a sexual blockade on the planet - (It will readily be understandable that a program of systematic frustration was necessary in order to sell this crock of sewage as Immortality, the Garden of Delights, and love - (51-52)


'Well these are the whole facts of the case and i guess i ought to know - There were at least two parasites one sexual the other cerebral working together the way that parasite will - that is the cerebral parasite kept you from wising up to the sexual parasite ....' (144)

You see gentlemen you have been engineered solely as a carrier for Venusian pleasure death sex plague. Everything else about you is an accidental side-effect...

No male sex drive, then, (I was speaking too loosely when I said that before).. no... only males driven to pass on the evil sexdeath virus that pulsates and wriggles within us, seeking release, which is to say more of itself, forever...

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