September 02, 2004



walking down the street - kicking cans/ looking at the Billboard - oh so bland/summing up the people - checking out the race/doing what I'm doing - feeling out of place.

walking/walking - in the rain.

feeling like a woman - looking like a man/ sounding like a "no-no" - making what I can/ singing in the darkness - shining in the night/ he coming conclusion - right isn't right.

walking/ walking - in the rain.

come in all you jesters! - enter all you fools/ sit down "no-no" - old girl fools/
trip the light fantastic - dance the spiral hips/ coming conclusion - gotten off your lips

my sex/ waits for me/ like a mongrel waits/downwind on a tight rope leash

my sex/ is a fragile acrobat/sometimes I'm a novocaine shot/sometimes I'm an automat

my sex/ is often solo/ sometimes it short circuits then/sometimes it's a golden glow

my sex/is invested in/ suburban photographs/skyscraper shadows on a carcrash overpass

my sex/ is savage, tender/it wears no future faces/ owns just random gender

my sex/has a wanting wardrobe/I still explore/ of all the bodies I knew and those I want to know

my sex/ is a spark of electro flesh/ leased from the tick of time/ and geared for synchromesh

my sex/ is an image lost in faded films/a neon outline/ on a high-rise overspill.

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