January 08, 2004


'Where does it all come from? Maybe nightmares are just intensely weird dreams. I doubt it. There is something more sorcerous than that, in the black ones, the voidal ones that rend sense from sensibility, cast up shadows of demons and worlds torn asunder. If there are other dimensions, other planes, other spheres of existence, they burst into the downed walls of the sleeping mind in nightmares. Are they glimpses of these planes of reality? Too vast, unholy, and unearthly for our weak human minds. Are they messages from the void? Or echoes of the place we go when we die?' Baal with his Lovecraftian speculations on the origins of nightmares. Anyone who cares about good writing, don't waste time here, go to Erase the World now. (And check out his brilliant post on railway journeys, too.)

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