October 17, 2003


CRUYFF.jpg Tim's comments below (on the United Response post) comparing football to music remind me of something Simon wrote ages ago where he made an analogy between Can and the Total Football of the Dutch team. What a fabulously suggestive parallel; I've never been able to think of Can and that classic Dutch side in quite the same way since. The elegant, almost telepathic interplay, the non-organic fluency and fluidity, the rhizomichaos of the group mind.... You see, you don't know whether I'm talking about Can or the Dutch, do you?

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Hi. The Total football vs. Can article sounds like interesting fun to read, do you know whether it is available online somewhere?
greetings from the NL, keep on blogging!

Posted by: -willem- at October 20, 2003 09:07 AM

It wasn't a whole article, as I recall, just a passing reference in a piece on Can.

Thanks for the support...

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