October 01, 2003


Jess really excels himself here, in his evocation/ evisceration of two videos we've also skewered at k-punk, though much less eloquently. Check his description of Beyonce as a 'Jim Rose Circus sideshow freak with detachable joints, a writhing horror of multiple motors and gears all operating independently of each other for full booty impact. She may have an ass like a horse, but here she looks like a bunch of sewn together doll parts, like Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.' And on Christina: 'Xtina herself seems to find new wasy every tme she appears on TV these days to somehow not be naked and yet be wearing next to nothing and YET instead of just wearing like underwear of a bikini she finds the most outlandish ways to straddle (pun sadly intended I'm afraid) the line between dressed and naked (cf. the Daisy-Dukes-with-no-sides here.)' Could he be more right?

This connects, in my mind at least, with some remarks of Angus': 'as Zizek says apropos "The Talented Mr Ripley" in a recent LRB piece, a character with no sexuality is actually a lot harder for contemporary audiences to assimilate than one with a perverse but legible sexuality.' In our new Fifties, omnisexuality is drably de rigeur, hypernormalizing....

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