The Poetics of Decay
Monday, August 16, 2004
Fear and Loathing

Disgust of theory: disgust of the repulsive desire to be seduced by theory, to remain in its embrace, parasitically structuring things in such a way that they are always referential…the fear of ending up like this. There is nothing more repellent than a pious theorist.

The disadvantage of blogging is that it provides a voice to those who have already failed; to those who live in the shadows of thwarted aspirations but nevertheless feel their time has now come – in the form of a blog. It is a culture of trash, of debris, waste product and left-overs – the residue of infertility. I do not remove myself from this quarry of detritus and disease. In fact, I am a perfect symptom of its decline, as such I am able to diagnose the syndrome with precise composure. How else did I get to be so sensitive?

Otherwise, the tendency to become active is too arousing. Since when did movement become fashionable, even virtuous? The plebeian propensity towards activism is pungent and with it emerges the odious need to ‘voice’ oneself aloud. It is a vile pretence, a mock self-help mentality adopting the guise of a devout vocation. Resistance against this terribly dilution is, in the end, my own vocation: disrobing the specious presence of rationality, with all its ironic and empty connotations and so cultivating a sense of intimacy that amounts to nothing more than a vagary.

Next: the relevance of Max Stirner for a late-capitalist culture…

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