September 20, 2010

Accelerationism Podcasts

Thanks to all the speakers at the Accelerationism event last week, and thanks, too, for all the excellent questions from the floor. I felt much clearer about what accelerationism is and how it might function as an anti-capitalist strategy after the event, even though it quickly became clear that the many issues which the event was addressing could not be dealt with in such a short space of time ... but I'm hoping that this is only the beginning.

I would like to promise that I will post up my reflections on Accelerationism soon, but given all my work commitments and the (biological) bug I've got at the moment, that might be rash.

Go to Speculative Heresy for a comprehensive set of links; and I'm pleased to say that the podcasts of all the talks are now available at the excellent Backdoor Broadcasting Company.

A heads up: Reza Negarestani, one of the key contributors to the accelerationism debate, will be at Goldsmiths for an event entitled Decay Culture on January 15th - more details to follow soon.

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