September 07, 2010

Accelerationism latest


Alex Andrews has now been added to the list of speakers at the Accelerationism event. That means that we will be aiming to start promptly at 1.30. Please note that there is no need to register for the event, but, as it is likely to be popular, you are advised to arrive early.

Some readers who can't attend have been asking if there will be a podcast of the event. I'm delighted to say that the afternoon's talks will be recorded by the Backdoor Broadcasting Company who always do a superb job.

We should have titles from all speakers and a running order in the next day or so. As soon as the details are finalised, I'll post them here.

My talk will be entitled "Terminator Vs Avatar".

In the meantime, here's a mood-setting mix of jungle, techstep, doomcore and techno, entitled "No Killing What Can't Be Killed". It's designed to be heard on iTunes with crossfade set to 6 seconds.

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