August 04, 2010

Toscano speaks

Alberto Toscano writes in reponse to the Raoul Moat post, pointing out the resoances with Mark Ames's book, Going Postal, which Lenin wrote about here. Alberto suggest that "despite its occasional collapses into a kind of Vice magazine socialism (if that could ever exist) it goes some way to thinking, at least at the symptomatic level, about how one could think of these things from a left standpoint - though it runs the risk of that vision of things where everything is politics in the last instance, a symptom of neoliberalism, etc. - not always helpful." Alberto also points that some radical armed groups of the 70s viewed the insitgation of violent nihilsm as a bonus, and that such nihilism was part of some late nineteenth-century insurrectionary anarchism.

We shall no doubt return to these themes soon.

Speaking of Alberto, here he is outlining some of the arguments of Fanaticism on the Guardian website.

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