January 26, 2010


A reader writes:

    have just read Capitalist Realism and can relate directly with How Mark Fisher talks about the old/heavy, new/light inspection. I used to be a FE teacher but I now drive buses; I had to leave FE a few years ago due to depression. Recently all our buses were fitted with a device that records bus movements such as breaking, cornering etc. This information is sent via GPS to a website where individual drivers can access their data (performance?) Drivers are, of course, heavily encouraged to constantly monitor their efforts. Targets have been established are we are in no doubt that in the near future this personal data will be used as a disciplinary tool. As with Mark's example of the teacher we will spend less time concentrating on driving and more time looking at the new little box on the dashboard with three LED's; 'is my driving green, amber or red?

Some other interesting responses to Capitalist Realism here, here, and here, which I will engage with in more detail when I've got through my current thicket of marking, teaching, editing, freelance deadlines and public appearances. (I also have posts on paternalism and Richard Kelly's The Box which are very near completion - but they've been in that state for quite some time.)

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