April 09, 2009

Family values

From Disney Pixar's viral marketing for Wall-E ("talk about realism! Surf over to the News section and you'll find that the manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to India! Oh, and the corporation is petitioning for its own Enron Loophole.")

Gordon Brown"our task today is to bring financial markets into proper alignment with the values held by families and business people across the country."

Badiou, The Century: “It’s very striking to notice that … the family has once more become a consensual and practically unassailable value. The young love the family, in which, moreover, they now dwell until later and later. … The new man primarily stood – if one was progressive – for the escape from family, property and state despotism. Today, it seems that ‘modernization’, as our masters like to call it, amounts to being a good little dad, a good little son, to becoming an efficient employee, enriching oneself as much as possible, and playing at the responsible citizen.”

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