January 23, 2008

But if we truly have anything of value to learn from your world of tomorrow, then it may simply be this:


    ...the notion of absolute consumer-driven self-obsession, unhindered by taste, restraint, or any concept of moral consequence.

The estimable Lawrence Miles returns, with a new Aethernet Steampunk Satire conceit...

    I understand that aethernet "blogs" of a controversial nature are something of a current fashion, and that in one instance, the musings of a particularly supple London harlot become a successful televisual production entitled The Secret Diary of a Call-Girl. Since even the greatest engineers of Victoria's Britain failed to develop a means by which something could still qualify as "secret" after being published on the world's most accessible information medium and then broadcast to every home in the nation, I once again find myself impressed by twenty-first-century ingenuity, and remain curious as to how this programme was prevented from falling into the hands of foreign powers.
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