June 20, 2007

Tent state university

'Tent State University UK (or Tent State) is an initiative of an autonomous group of staff and students at the University of Sussex, inspired by the national Tent State University movement in the United States.'



10.00 World Social Forum Presentation and feedback
11.00 Vietnam Protest Art and Talk
12noon Who Really Ended Slavery?
13.00 Lunch and EDO Brighton’s Bomb Factory
14.00 Reducing HIV/ AIDS Stigma and Discrimination
15:00 Students Against Trident and Nuclear Proliferation
16.00 Africa Fighting Back
17.00 Dinner
18.00 Films and Music

Thursday June 21st

10.00 Patriarchy in Everyday Life
11.00 Capitalism and Realism
12.00 Capitalism and Realism
13.00 Lunch and Free Palestine
14.00 Women and Global Violence
15.00 Attacks on Civil Liberties: Brighton NO2ID
16.00 Can Patriarchy Have a negative Impact on men?
17.00 Dinner
18.00 Films, Music and Silent Disco!

Friday June 22nd

10.00 Securing Human Rights, Peace and Sustainable Development in Africa: The Case of Zimbabwe
11.00 Gender Fucking or Fucking Gender: The Poster People for Post-Modernity
12.00Lunch and An Introduction to Anarchism
13.00The Need for Global Militant Environmentalism: Eco-Uni, plane Stupid and Permaculture
14.00 Pan-Afrikanist Futures
15.00 Pan Afrikanist Futures
16.00 Fighting Racism in Our Communities
17.00 Dinner and Final Plenary!
18.00 Films and Music

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