May 16, 2007

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Bet your petrococadollar.... Savonarola, who, with three posts already this month, is in danger of spoiling us, with a typically thorough examination of oil wars and the resurgence of geopolitics...

Von Sudenfeld's dirty machines. The Von Sudenfeld LP really is as good has everybody has said it is. I can handle Mark Smith's latter-day incarnation as a Salford Damo Suzuki drooling out nonsense word riffs much more readily when I don't feel compelled to compare it to The Fall's pulp literary peak on Hex, Grotesque and Slates. Mouse on Mars's Andi Toma and Jan St Werner have liberated Smith from the tired krautrockabilly treadmill of the late, late Fall sound: as viscous and black as the slowly clotting blood of a dead colossus, their echo-saturated backing tracks - like Acid hobbled by dubstep - provide a fantasmatic bavarian castle in which the Germanist Smith finds a second home. Von Sudenfeld's sound is dirty-machinic, as battered and filthy as the Nostromo in Alien. Its electro FX and bleeps wheeze like a gone-to-seed eighties videogame: imagine Pac Man on skunk. Heavy and slow - gravity seems to be doubled here - the tracks' remorseless blunt-instrument implacability bludgeon Smith's trademark deranged rants, chants and mutterings into your head.

'I was comfortably occupying the haunted female body, and if there is anyone who understands intimately what it is like to occupy the haunted female body, you are reading her right now...' Kim dot dammit on INLAND EMPIRE...

Comedy Premiere, Thursday 17 May 2007, 8.30pm

"The McClintock Factor"

Starring Dan Crimes and Nicholas Burns ("Nathan Barley", "Absolute Power")

Venue: Corsica Studios, 5 Elephant Road, Elephant & Castle, London SE17 1LB

Running time: 40 minutes

His tabloid newspaper ran prizes offering 20,000 stray dogs, and today, with a controversial career as a roving reporter behind him, Jeremy McClintock is seizing the moment. His new political movement, the Right Path Party, is garnering record approval ratings, and now he hopes a documentary devoted to his life and work will up the stakes. Can Jeremy break out of Sappington Bounce and succeed on the road to Westminster? Or will his murky past catch up with him?

For more information visit:

For directions and map to the venue visit:

General enquiries:

Murray 07878 586 409

Jason 00 33 6 31 13 54 05
A Films Noirs production

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