December 21, 2006

The vibrations will live on...


George Lochinski writes:

    Your last post mentions Helen Duncan, and wouldn't you know it, Helen Duncan is also mentioned in The Fall's "Psykick Dancehall No. 2" in a spoken word smample of (probably) MES himself saying:

    Helen Duncan was accused of being a fraudulent medium
    They burst into a seance over a over in Portsmouth,
    over a chemists shop
    A length of ectoplasm or a suit of cheesecloth
    Was grabbed but it got away
    The Witchcraft Act 1735 was used to give her 9 month's
    The vibrations will live on

Of course! I'd entirely forgotten this...

George continues:

    Which reminds still have not delivered on the second Fall piece you have promised!

This is true, and George is not the first to remind me about this. There's no question of my forgetting it, and I really will make all efforts to complete the post by the end of 06 (although I fear that, expectations about the post are by now so high, that it can never meet them...)

Owen's program for a hauntological Pop - 'The Caretaker producing Anne Shelton, or Fennesz collaborating with Hutch' - is highly appetising, although I see no reason why the putative group should be limited to covers. The tantalising aspect of Christina's Back to Basics was that it almost promised to deliver something like this; if only Premier's trademark needle-to-the-groove hiss were even more foregrounded, if only the gloss were mottled into mustiness.


Tremendous piece on No Fear of the Future (via Ballardian) on 'The Assassination Inquest of Diana, Princess of Wales Considered as an Unintentionally Ballardian Remix of the Warren Commission Report'.

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