October 15, 2006

Family values


    In 2002 Mr Bush lumped Iraq, North Korea and Iran together in an “axis of evil” and said he would stop them acquiring nuclear weapons. He implied that regime change in Iraq might be followed by regime change in North Korea and Iran. Now one says it has the bomb and the other is ignoring Security Council orders to stop enriching uranium. The anti-proliferation policy Mr Bush put at the forefront of his foreign policy has been a colossal failure.

    - The Economist this week

    My definition of winning is killing so many of our foes that their children rue the day their fathers took up arms against us. Would I torture a suspect myself? Absolutely if the choice was between saving American lives or saving my honor, my honor would fly out of the door. Why, because I know how much I love my children and the parents of those soldiers I saved love them just as much. Perhaps I would live in shame for the rest of my life but it is a small price for saving even one of my country-men’s lives.

    - Pierre Legrand's Pink Flamingo Bar (subtitle: 'A common man looks at the war on Islamic terror'), 'Moral Preening regarding torture, idealism with someone else’s family is such an ugly thing'

    [P]olitics .. remains at its core, conservative, insofar as it works to affirm a structure, to authenticate social order, which it then intends to transmit to the future in the form of its inner Child. That Child remains the perpetual horizon of every political intervention. ... What ... would it signify not to be "fighting for our children"? .. [F]ascism of the baby's face encourages parents ... to join in a rousing chorus of "Tomorrow Belongs to Me"...

    - Lee Edelman, No Future:Queer Theory and the Death Drive

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