August 24, 2006

A desire to sunbathe, moan and die

I like this, from Brian Reade, in the Mirror today:

    A QUARTER of a million Poles now work in Britain, leading some experts to claim they're bringing untold misery to our shores.

    It could be worse. Think about it. They're mostly young, English-speaking, non-benefit claiming grafters, grateful to do jobs we won't, happy to integrate and be net contributors to the tax system.

    Now look at Spain, with the quarter of a million Britons who have fled there.

    They're mostly old, non-Spanish speakers, who use their EU citizen status to burden their health system, and whose idea of integration is chipping in with the other British ex-pats in their apartment block to pay a pittance to a Spanish security guard to keep the natives out.

    The Poles come here with optimism, a desire to work and build a new life. Brits go there filled with bitterness and a desire to sunbathe, moan and die.

This, about the shameful racist delirium and vigilante 'profiling' in Malaga, is also mordantly apt --- 'political incorrectness gone mad' indeed...

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