January 14, 2006

'It turned every TV into a time machine'


Following from these three posts on the hauntological power of TV, here's Julian House in an email, last year:

'In the same way that Derbyshire's theme was a landmark piece of British electronic music, Bernard Lodges' original titles did for British TV what Saul Bass's titles had done for cinema. The technique he used utilising TV feedback (or 'Howl-around' as it was called in the TV engineering world) was perfect for the program. It was organically beautiful, being based on a feedback loop it had associations with time travel, but most importantly it utilised the TV, the screen, the cathode ray tube for its effect. So it was absolutely about TV, the power of the TV itself - it turned every viewer's set into a time machine, the effect was to be drawn into the space of the program.'


(Titles for Out of the Unknown, also by Bernard Lodge)

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