June 02, 2005

Soviet goth


Speaking of coldness and couture: check out the new weblog by Owen Hatherley of Dissensus. Owen reproduces parts of his essay on 'bachelor/ machines: futurism, austerity and sexuality' as well as two pieces that previously appeared in the zine 'Totally Bored': an interview with Jeremy Junior Boys and a little driftwerk on London. Read 'em, and if we're lucky, he'll write more.

The art-fashion culture wars of the early part of the 20C - the aesthetic-theoretical struggles between futurism, vorticism, cubism and constructivism - have never ceased to be relevant. Unfortunately, fascism seems to have won, laying claim to both sexiness and futurism. I am going to discuss constructivism and its relationship to glam and communism in a later post, but, for the moment, I.T. and I are doing our bit to destroy fascist chic by trying to start a trend in Soviet Goth.

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