April 17, 2005

I don't do family


Obviously I'm delighted that David Tennant is to take over from Eccleston as the new Doctor Who. Eccelston is all very well, but he's too much of a man's man for me, and I still can't see what kids would do to 'be' him, besides imitating a Manchester accent. I'd like to see Tenant playing the Doctor very much in the style that he played Casanova, and in similar clothes....Then we would have...

the NEW ROMANTIC doctor....

The current repressing of the Doctor's dandyism is just way too Glum (as in anti-Glam). The fact that, as I've said before, they haven't got the wardrobe right since Baker doesn't mean that they should give up and concede everything to blokish functionality. In many ways, I see Eccleston's role as a kind of clearing of the palate. His neutrality, his lack of much definable 'taste', is a way of re-sharpening our appreciation of the integral qualities of the Doctor that palled through PoMofication during the Eighties. (I'm more than ever conscious of the need for a re-Glamming of male fashion after spending last night in a bar thick with moody short-haired men in sportswear...)

end of time.jpg

As for 'Aliens of London' last night....

The two contemporary-set adventures have seemed less surefooted than the other two we've seen so far (which were set offworld and in the past). The show's soft focus Olympic bid corporate video London looks shop-bought and over-familiar (it seemed horribly consistent with the soft focus London evoked in the Tory election broadcast shown earlier in the evening, for instance).

But cheers from our house for:

the mention of UNIT

'code 9'


'I don't do family...'

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