February 13, 2005


Full transcript of the Power of Nightmares available here.

Interview with Badiou here

Both of which I got from here, which looks very interesting. _________________________________________________________________

Just cancelled the one-way plane ticket I booked the moment I heard that Robbie Williams' 'Angels' had been voted best British single of the last twenty-five years (what kind of a country.....?) when I saw that Vera Drake was beaten for best film at the BAFTAS by The Aviator. At least not all British people are totally fucking stupid, it seems. And it's always heartwarming to see British Filmed Theatre (they call it British cinema these days) getting a kicking, no? Spose that Imelda Staunton winning Best Actress couldn't be avoided (it's considered a patriotic duty to fawn over that simpering ordinary Decent Folk mustn't complain how abaht a nice cuppa tea theatre school shtick, after all). But please God, don't let her win an Oscar, that would be grotesque...

And please, more shots of Leigh's ungracious smug mug when he gets a kicking from Marty.... Scorsese and Leigh both nominated for the same award? If there was any justice, Leigh wouldn't be allowed in the same building....

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