January 13, 2005

Who makes the nazis?

So much of the furore arising from the Prince Harry Nazi incident REEKS of hypocrisy... the current position of the Privet Hedge Brigade seems to be that it's bad form to DRESS as a Nazi, but it's OK to BE a Nazi (because, you know, the big Other might see) ... 'Tightening up on immigration', 'restricting the numbers of asylum seekers', all not only acceptable but practically mandatory in the current kapitalist parliamentarian regime.

Cue spluttering denials from behind the rhodendrons. 'Just because I want to send people back to their own countries doesn't mean I'm a Nazi'. Cut to Denholm Elliot in Brimstone and Treacle: No, I don't want camps and guns... Michael Kitchen: But what if they won't go? What then?

Reminds me of another phobic piece I saw in the Mail yesterday about the MILLIONS of illegal immigrants working here... Well, what would happen if we sent them back, Mr Dacre? Who'd clean the shit off the streets at five in the morning then?

You have to laugh at those who say that Harry should not now be able to join the Army. Surely he'll fit right in with 'our boys', those lovable queer-bashing psychopath squaddies who make the areas surrounding barracks such friendly and unthreatening places.. as if NO-ONE in the British Army has a collection of Nazi memorabilia...

Just to prove the point, look at 'former SAS man and old Etonian' Simon Mann, pictured on TV-AM this morning in chains in a Zimbabwe jail (I have to say, no day that begins with that image can be all bad)... Not surprisingly, the only person TV-AM could produce to defend poor, hard done-to Mark Thatcher was 'former MP' Jonathan Aitken. That's right, that's how he was billed - as 'former MP' not as 'former arms dealing liar and hypocrite'. Still, Mark 'just wants to be re-united with his family', so, like, he's a family man, and as we know, if you're a family man, well, you couldn't possibly be involved in a sordid mercenary plot aimed at stealing oil from Africa... And he's BRITISH, so a priori he shouldn't be subject to the barbaric judicial regimes of African countries, should he?

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