November 25, 2004


Everyone should check out what She whose super-egoic injunction 'Enjoy!' must be obeyed has to say about the NTN conference....

(btw, I think she should be called, not gluebot or gleebok, but GLEEBOT... because glee is what Siobhan radiates, a palpable sense of effervescence and exuberance as flamingly bright and as unEnglish as her Wanda-like hair...)

Yes... ear worms... I begged Steve to tell me how I could Skinnerian treatment to get that bloody Joss Stone song out of my head... Incidentally, sfunny that the songs which are most liable to induce stuck tune syndrome are those which reflexively comment on that very process, e.g. 'Can't Get you Out of My Head' and 'Messing with Mah Mahnd....'

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