November 17, 2004


Back at long last after US sojourn and no less brilliant... My man Philip on the Destiny's Child comeback effort... this single improves with every listen and it was great to begin with... in a very strong year for singles, it's in the top three I think... And yeh, fabulous dancing, fabulous clothes, wonderful swaggering from the galz... they look so much more confident, so much more powerful together than on their own...

Posted by mark at November 17, 2004 07:05 AM | TrackBack

Check out "Soldier" by them with TI & Lil Wayne, I like that one a lot too.

Posted by: jd at November 17, 2004 04:00 PM

Oh, and Nina Sky "In A Dream (Remix)" is worth hearing too. I don't think it was a single but I don't know much about these girls. It's got these wicked synth stabs.. I could see you being into it.

Posted by: jd at November 17, 2004 04:17 PM

I would just like to compliment your site. Your mix of music with abstract philosophy is very unique. You are amazingly intelligent, whoever you are. Ciao

Posted by: edie sedgwick at November 18, 2004 05:02 AM