September 10, 2004


Basically the situation atm is this....

Luke, as ever, is right.

The comments boxes have become almost completely unproductive. Almost all of the worthwhile discussion happens between members of the kollelktive, who, if the comments boxes weren't there, might be inspired to produce their own posts.

The comments boxes have heated things up --- and SPEEDED things up.

They need to cool down and slow down.

Yesterday, when I closed most of the current comments boxes down, you can't imagine the relief I felt. I could come to k-punk without feeling sick with anxiety about what unthought out oedipalised rage, overgrown adolescent boy sulks and gliberal stupid American platitudes ('hey man, all that Marxist lingo makes my cringes cringe...') I would have to deal with.

It was definitely more stressful than work. And I have a very stressful job.

My problem is that I atrribute rationality to positions and people who clearly are incapable of exhibiting it. It's partly to do with my background, which persists at a neuronic level, in the insistence: YOU ARE INFERIOR, BEND YOUR HEAD. So even when I am faced with clinically deranged second-stringer stalker-obsessive autists with delusions of relevance, part of me thinks, hmmm maybe they are right.

They most certainly are not.

There is no more urgent task on this hell planet than the production of rational collectivities.

These are not fascist gangs with 'leaders'. Nor are they perfectly functioning neurobotic Spinozist networks. No, but they can be on the way to this latter, if there is a commitment amongst the collective to a STARTING FROM WHERE YOU ARE.

Demanding perfection before you are prepared to commit is Prog Tech SF.

Starting to build a way out of hell HERE, NOW is kyberpunk.

The Kollektive takes priority. In the comments boxes as they have developed in the last few weeks (k-punk as New ILM..... yeucccchhhhhhhh!), the Kollektive has struggled to make itself heard over the howls of outraged subjectivists, Conflict-Addicted Organisms (CAO's), and, worst and most pitiful of all, ILM-style one-liner one-upmen.

Do you feel alienated by this?


And goodbye, then.

The comments will be restored if there is a way of restricting them to registered users only.

We are not here to entertain you.

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