July 28, 2004



In some ways apropos yesterday's Keenan discussion, k-punk's favourite Whitehouse obsessive/ gnostic genius/ non-philosopher Ray Brassier is co-organizing a conference on Noise at Middlesex University.

I append the call for papers below. I'm going to submit an abstract...

Call for Papers:
Middlesex University
White Hart Lane
London N17 8HR

We would like to invite contributions to NTN#2 on the following topics from noisicians of every stripe, whether they be noise makers, noise enthusiasts, or inventive but unsanctioned noise theorists:
Is noise accountable to the terms of a pre-constituted theoretical discourse on aesthetics?

Must its "radicality" be contrived from within the bounds of that self-same discourse?

Does noise fail in its imputed assault on traditional aesthetics and musicology?
What are the methodological and aesthetic specifics of "japnoise" as a genre? Is there something like a common "modus operandi" running through the works of Hijokaidan, Masonna, Hanatarash, CCCC, Merzbow, etc.? What makes it matter?

What constellates noise and the so-called "industrial" and/or "power electronics" scene from the 1980s (e.g. Whitehouse, Ramleh, M.B., New Blockaders, P16.D4, Etant Donnee, Pacific 231, etc.)?

What transformed historical and technological conditions produce the so-called "noise aesthetic"? What is the noisician's dependence, if any, on the novel
possibilities of sonic production offered by the digital revolution?

Is noise enjoyed? Who enjoys it? Are noisicians perverted abnegators who, due to emotional deficit, are unable to experience the full affect of soul/pop/classical music?

Is there an interface between the praxis of noise and sampling / turntablism? How is it informed by montage, collage and/or cut-up? What does noise offer materialist historiography?

This list of topics is not intended to be exhaustive so please feel free to contact us if you would like to address a topic not listed above. Audiovisual equipment will be available and we actively encourage presentations in which examples of the noise being discussed can be played for the audience. But bear in mind that each presentation should last no longer than 30 minutes.

Please send your proposals/abstracts to andymcgettigan@another.com and ray.brassier@btopenworld.com.
Alternately, you can mail proposals to Ray Brassier, Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Middlesex University, White Hart Lane, London N17 8HR.

The deadline for proposals is 10 September 2004.

Andy McGettigan and Ray Brassier 25/7/04

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