April 29, 2004

I'm definitely with e-crunk on the 411 single (supposedly featuring Ghostface, but there's no trace of him on the version they play on MTV Hits and the Box). The string arrangment is swoonsomely lovely, the talkover verses are reminiscent of All Saints' 'Never Ever'/ Shangri-La's 'Past, Present and Future' but the killer is the pitched up, sampled hook: 'I can't fall down on my knees/ and apologise to you/ cos that's not my style'. The way the girls lipsync to it in the video, moving with a mannequin stiffness, is positively uncanny. Crunk's right, it's a kinda UK-Kanye thing.

O God. Faithless are back. Listening to whatsisname's pathologically lugubrious preach-rap is like going to church. 'Insomnia' - fucking 'Soporifia' more like.

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