February 05, 2004


Popbitch reports:

">> Rip Him To Shreds <<
Now Michael Jackson will be destroyed

Leaks from the Michael Jackson trial paint a gruesome picture of life in Neverland:
* Drawers full of boys' soiled underwear
* Photos of naked blond boys as young as seven
* Attempts to bribe cancer kid Gavin with promises to make him a film star in return for being nice in the Bashir documentary
* More than 100 boys sleeping over at Neverland in the last three years.

As Jackson is nearly broke and no more use to the music industry as a recording artist, it's unlikely he'll have the legal firepower to get off this time.

Instead, this deeply troubled man is going to be torn apart in a media feeding frenzy that reflects a new mood in society: people are starting to resent celebrities and the influence they wield. Jacko will be first sacrificial lamb. "

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> Drawers full of boys' soiled underwear

Not what you'd call houseproud, then.

Posted by: sphaleotas at February 5, 2004 08:15 PM